Gospel Music minister “Young Airmie” cries out over low support for gospel artist in Nigeria

Gospel Music minister “Young Airmie” cries out over low support for gospel artist in Nigeria

Young Airmie feels gospel artists in Nigeria are not getting the supports the secular artists are having, and at the end of it all, that both artists pay the same amount on productions and promotions…

In a short story he shared on his timeline today Sunday facebook…. Check it it out….

Let me explain this thing small

I was with a very close music minister friend some days ago and we were talking and he said Baba I want take this thing to another level and I said Now you are talking. He said like how much you feel say I fit Budget for my next single to catch people’s attention. i know his level at this point so I said, Boss say you want manage small, we go dey look 800k. He shouted like the singer he is 😁.we both laughed about it. This conversation included Recording a Song, mixing and mastering, Small Studio video,Then Online Promo o, wey Apostle dey shout, i call him apostle too, But Apostle no go use Grass pay Blogger or Producer or Small video shooter na😂😂

So we ended up discussing about how he intends to raise the money and this is a friend I know that will come for your function with full band oo, Fine fine girls and boys people o and Most times He ends up sorting their transport fare From his Own Pocket.i know him very well, He will never charge you if you invite him for your programme with those fine fine girls and boys join o. 
I escorted him to the bus stop and as I was coming back home I said to myself

A lot of people don’t get what these guys do,go through to be where they are and where they want to be.

I have been in the Secular industry a bit before MY CALL into the Gospel music ministry,my call because I for nor try am if no be call,i mean what I just said.

THE REASON why we easily get Frustrated and Vexing music ministers who do not want to hear anything when e Reach MONEY matter is because They Hardly get Support.WHICH is why the SECULAR MUSIC people will always be ahead of us. THEY get support from Everywhere 
From Clubs to Hotels and even strangers who come to drink at beer parlours. 
And many other sources and places I don’t wanna mention. Why them no go dey ahead of us
Lastly ehhh, The same money wey Radio,tv and bloggers go charge Shaku Shaku Artiste na him e go charge Jesus boy.Because all of them na Artiste. 
#MakeUnaDey #TrySupportGospelArtiste #Abeg 
My name is YOUNG AIRMIE Reporting live for the Jesus bois 😀

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