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Music is life

28/08/2015 Gaklime 0

when words fails, music speaks, Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything…No matter […]

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Who is a Nigerian? Victor Onyekere

Who is A Nigerian ?

13/08/2015 Gaklime 0

Most times, we ourselves have misinterpreted and underestimated who a Nigerian truly is. These misconceptions created by us have been reflected in how people all […]

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Importance of Healthy Connections

13/05/2015 Gaklime 0

Connections helps us understand who we are and feel part of something larger than ourselves. Researchers find people with strong social connection have less stress-related […]

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MWAA 2015

MWAA 2015

12/02/2015 Gaklime 0

A Nigerian/international recording and movie producing company with a base in Lagos state, Nigeria, Is giving the young and talented Nigerians the opportunity to have […]

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Hasting Models Global Nigeria 2014

02/12/2014 Gaklime 0

Auditions! Auditions!! Auditions!!!   An international based modeling agency is looking for the Mr. & Mrs. Hasting Nigeria 2014 HASTING MODELS GLOBAL is an international […]

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Away from Standard

20/11/2014 Gaklime 0

By: Gaklime Keputda (Mr. U4)   It was raining Sunday morning and every one looking beautiful, ready for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Smiles […]

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