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It’s no news again that YBNL Nation has officially signed two new acts (Lyta and Limerick) to the Olamide owned label. was with the two artistes for an exclusive interview. Read Lyta’s interview here

“That Edo Boiy” popularly known as LIMERICK is a fast-rising rapper signed to YBNL. even though he just got signed this year, the young rapper has shown in a short while, that he is definitely the person to lead YBNL’s version 2.0 army.

In an interview session with Vibe.NG, the YBNL rapper talks about how music started for him, his hustle before music, how he got signed to Olamide’s record label and divulges some intimate secrets about his personal life.

The 22 years-old son of a pastor boasts that his says music is a talent that wasn’t discovered in time and it is obvious he is willing to explore that talent to its fullest.


What’s the story behind the name LIMERICK?

LIMERICK is actually a literal device and has its own pronunciation but I didn’t want to pronounce it in the original form so I gave my own pronunciation; LIME-RICK, lime with the juice. As a rapper I wanted my name to be poetic, I didn’t want a name like the usual “rapper/ artist” kind of name. So “Limerick”

What’s your birth given name?

My real name is Fortune Oshioke Ibrahim

How did music start for you?

I have always had this love for music from childhood because I used to sing in the choir. My mom is a pastor, she owns a church and when your parent owns a church, you have to be in the choir. So I used to sing in the church, we used to compose choir ministration and as I got older, I started liking music. I started falling in love with rap music in particular. I always found myself rapping to other people’s songs and at some point, I told myself that if I can rap to people’s songs, I could just put the same effort into my own stuff and that was when I started writing my own songs. Though it didn’t come out great at first, the more I did it, it better I became. Like they say “practice brings about perfection”.

When did you start rapping professionally?

Some years ago, I’d say 2012. I think it’s just a talent I didn’t discover early.

What inspired your song PESIN with Olamide?

I wanted to write a freestyle rap, like a normal 16 bar freestyle rap. Something I could probably just drop on stage, I wanted it to be unique and not like the everyday 16 bar and the word Pesin came to mind. So I did an Instagram video and the reaction was fire, people kept asking me to do it as a song and I decided to give it a try. And that was it?

How did you get signed to YBNL?

I talked about the song Pesin earlier, there was this guy who gingered me into doing the song, he promised to make a free video for me and as an upcoming act with no money, that gingered me. So I hurried up the song and when I was done I told him but he started posting me. So I decided to promote the song the little way I could since he wasn’t ready to shoot the video. I started promoting, I put the song on digital stores and every platform I could. I did the song in December 2017 and Notjustok re-posted it on Instagram in January 2018 and that was where Olamide heard it. While he was listening to the song, he sent me a dm talking about the song, said he was impressed and asked if I was signed to any record label and that was how I got hooked to YBNL.

Omo no be small thing. “I dey sell sim card. I dey rap, I dey sing and I dey sell Pepsi”

If you were to be in another celebrity body for 24hrs, who would it be and why?

Hmmm, I don’t understand oh! Because I am a celebrity too. #laugh. Ok, it would definitely be Drake because I love Drake. He does this rap-sing thing and it’s great. Anyone that listens to him just loves him. Plus he is rich “who no like money”. So Drake!

How has music been for you?

It’s not easy, at the same time it is interesting. It is like an adventure. It’s like a school, the more hard work you put in, the better grades you get. It is interesting but needs hard-work, so let’s say it is pretty OK.

If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a journalist or a model

Who are your top five rappers of all time?

My top 5 rappers of all time will be Eminem, Royce da 5’9, Drake. Then Nigerian, M.I and Mode 9.

What was your hustle like before you got hooked to YBNL?

I was selling sim card na! I have sold many things, I am a marketer. Omo no be small thing. “I dey sell sim card. I dey rap, I dey sing and I dey sell Pepsi”. Didn’t you hear it in my song? I once sold dishwasher, I sold air freshener in traffic. Ikotun, Igando, Iyana-Iba, it was not easy but we thank God.

I sold sim card, I worked for a woman till I got my own stand, then I decided to stop and pursue music. Funny enough it was when I stopped that Olamide contacted me, as at last year, I was still selling sim card.

Who are the three Nigerian female artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Tiwa Savage, Simisola and definitely Niniola. 1st choice Tiwa Savage! Final answer, Tiwa Savage.

Do you have a target audience?

I sing for anyone that loves good music. Anyone can fall in love with my kind of music. Whether you’re a singer, a rapper or you just love good music. So I don’t have a target audience. I sing for everyone at large.

What inspires your lyrics?

My everyday activity, things that happen around me. Like if you listen to Pesin, you’ll find out it talks about things that happen on a daily. An everyday story that people can relate to.

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry?

I look up to Olamide because he is successful. I only look up to successful people because I want to be successful. Olamide is the only rapper you can compare with successful artists, when you call Wizkid, Davido, you have to call Olamide. Even singers look up to him. So Olamide.

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