Music: Confidence (2a Plus) – Comrade Abba Moro for Senate 2019

For us to understand the thrust of this article, let us recall our experiences in the fruit market whenever we go shopping; when you request for N50 worth of lime, you may probably get up to 10 limes or more. The same N50 could fetch you only 2 oranges.

However, a single apple is worth N100 or more! Meaning that among the 3 types of fruit, an apple is the most expensive and scarce in supply while lime is the cheapest and abundant in supply.
This scenario applies to Nigerian politicians too: The Political Limes are found everywhere and are more in active politics. They are so common and cheap, they are readily available for dirty jobs of betrayal, sycophancy and double-dealings. They are very crude and barbaric and have already mortgaged their conscience. They can decamp or cross-carpet among political parties even when INEC is still reading results and has the tendency to change several political parties within a single year. Nigerian political space is largely plaque with this specie of politicians. They are always on the lookout for political crises factions and could instigate one if no one else is willing to. They are very slippery and always think of their stomach first. They lack gratitude and could trade their benefactor for a peanut. Their loyalty ends where their benefit stop!

However, the Political Oranges are fewer in number and are better mannered. They are average in everything and may not still be reliable. They are the best among the worst (limes) and are the worst among the best (apples). They are found in fewer numbers in Nigeria but largely unreliable. They might be stable for a while but at critical times they may fail you and you would be so shocked to even react!
Finally, the Political Apples, as the name implies, are short in supply in Nigerian political space because they are the best of the best! They are the intelligentsias, captain of industries, successful politicians, grass-root mobilizers, philanthropists and fine politicians per excellence. They can stick out their neck for what they believe in and would always stand on the side of the masses. The word ‘betrayal’ does not exist in their dictionary and double-dealing is alien to their character.

The race for the senatorial seat of Benue zone C should bring out our best candidate in a process that is devoid of partisan consideration or inter-local government blackmail! We all know the peculiar situation of zone C as regards our exclusion from the Governorship seat of Benue state. The senate, being the highest elective seat in the zone that is not exposed to the vagaries and contention with our tiv over-lord must be given to the most stable mind of all the aspirants out there. It must be given to a celebrated political Apple and courageous aspirant.

Hence, Comrade Abba Patrick Moro comes to mind because of his antecedents. Starting from his days as a lecturer where he earned the title ‘Comrade’ (a respected and exclusive prefix conventionally accorded to surviving activists and men of conscience who fight for the masses and the down-trodden) up to his political days when he earned the title “Honourable” (a respected and exclusive prefix conventionally accorded to active political actors of class because of their wealth of experience, fidelity to national cohesion, decorum and high sense of political responsibility) Comrade Abba Moro has continue to demonstrates the ‘apple’ in him even sometimes to the detriment of his welfare and safety.

Comrade Abba Moro not only maximized the opportunity given to him by his boss, Senator David Mark as a federal minister where he literally sweep off all our youths from the street into gainful employments but stood by Senator Dmark in his rerun election trauma where Moro knowingly landed himself into trouble with the federal government who was bent on disgracing the idoma nation through the removal of Dmark. That is a political apple for you!

If we want a senator who will seek glory and a place in history, instead of longevity in office. If we want a senator who is intelligent and honest and bold, who is surrounded by truth-telling, competent advisers, whose policies are people-centered, and who wants to lead, who wants to be senator, but does not need to – or have to- be senator at all costs. The answer is the political ‘apple’ called Comrade Abba Patrick Moro.

Today, our Local Govts are not flourishing. The enormous creative and spiritual potential of our LGs are not being used sensibly. Entire branches of local industries and artisans are producing goods that are of no interest to anyone; while we are lacking the things we need and bringing them in from Onitsha. Our obsolete economy is wasting the little energy we have available. And you want to change all these; vote in Comrade Abba Patrick Moro as the senator representing zone C and watch how he network his way into the state government apparatus through over-sight functions to change things! Yes, he is as innovative as that.

Why do we want to put an ignorant ‘lime’ with a head full of jagged rocks in charge of our zone considering our peculiar situation in Benue State? Why should we consider those who can easily betray us just the way they betrayed us during the rerun election in order to humiliate the Idoma nation before the world?

The biggest problem zone C has today is not the Tivs with their selfishness over the governorship seat. The biggest problem we have is leadership – who to succeed our father, Senator Dmark and continue if not improve on his good works of putting the Idomas in the scheme of things at the national level. That’s in my opinion, the single biggest problem that our zone faces right now.

Imagine handing over the leadership of the entire zone to a man with the comprehension skill and a character of a ‘political lime’. Do we honestly believe he would understand the future consequences of actions and decisions? A political lime is obsessed with his stomach. How much hunger and provocation does he need to betray us in critical times? Needless to say, once again that a political lime’s ignorance scares me and should scare any educated thinking Idoma child.

I am very interested in whom I think would give our common enemies a run for their money and scheming in the future. There has to be a balance of power and possibilities which should make our common enemies keep looking behind nervously. That’s how democracy thrives irrespective of party leaning.

Those who decamped to the APC, have already blunt their chances because the APC’s failures have already done the campaign for the PDP. Comrade Moro’s presence in the mix stands a bright chance of winning because of his antecedents and grass-root popularity.

Dear Zone C, Abba Moro is the man to watch between now and 2019. I am with him and call on all of you irrespective of your party affiliations to assist and support him.

This is the Apple movement for the Bridge! May God’s wisdom direct our path.

Written by Hon Vincent Okoko Odo

Song by Confidence Abah aka Confidence of 2a Plus


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