Nollywood Actors Should Never Rely On Acting Job Alone, Nollywood actor Emmanuel Okonkwo warned

Nollywood actor Emmanuel Okonkwo popularly know as Emma Chinedum warns the Nollywood actor to at least find a job which can be a source of income.

Emmanuel Okonkwo AKA Emma chinedum   (Nollywood gateman) who is the number on face of soulmate movies further added that it a painful thing and a disgrace for a well-known Nollywood actor to be begging for money either for feeding or medical treatment Despite payment from jobs. With this little idea’s of mine the Nollywood industry will be a respectable place.


A lot has gone because of financial problems which were not able to be tackled at the appropriate time.

Nollywood industry is a source of income but we still to add another source.

Let all Nollywood actor involved themselves in one or two businesses in other to support their ACTING career. He said

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