Psalm Ebube – Otisese (It Is Possible)

In Gods economy time is under his care, he can manipulate it anyhow, that sense of loosing, depression, anxiety, regret, take it out of your life, take it far from your life, 

Grow everyday from life experiences as a human being,view every negative experience as a growing lesson , you really do need them,those experiences happens for a reason to grow your mind and teach you a lesson,
Be grateful that they happened because you are losing nothing on the process while you are earning everything, most importantly you are growing unlimited on daily basis , above all always allow the flow of holy spirit in all your endeavors

#Otisese #itisPossible

National Statesman For Youth to I Change Nations™️ .  Newly Appointed World Civility Ambassador, 10 Top World Civility Leaders of Our Day , World Civility Song of the year 2020. OPAD I Change Nations UsA ,Nomination For The World Greatness Awards 2020: The Oscars for the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians

Greatness UniversityTM – UK 🇬🇧 .   & Multiple award winning  contemporary urban performing  minister,  Akinyemi Oluwasesan Samuel with the stage name Psalm Ebube, Humanitarian, one of  West Africa’s most celebrated singer, an empowering voice for Orphans & widow’s rights is one artist whose wealth of experience in the gospel terrain has continued to prove a boon. Psalm Ebube  takes a stand in the fight against extreme poverty. Psalm Ebube is part of a global movement of more than 9 million people who take action to end extreme poverty.

He is well known for his evergreen praise songs such as Kabio’osi, Somebody worship somebody praise,  Oba Titi Aye, which  is one of the most appreciated Nigerian Gospel Songs in recent times. He was born and raised in Lagos. Nigeria. He has released five studio Albums. First  African Musician to win World Civility Song of the year 2020







Things they make sense
When money dey flow
But time no dey wait for person at all ooo
Keep working brother
Keep working sister
Cos very soon you go Carry over load oo

Them go ask you
ba wo,  bawo  lo se nse e
Mo ni  baba kan who makes things possible

Otisese oh oh oh
Otisese ah ahh ah/2x

Everything I’ve been searching for
Everything I’ve been hoping for
Everything I’ve been praying for
Otisese ooo/2x

Verse 2
Take a break
Be happy for life
Cos that thing wey no kill you
E dey make you stronger
Don’t give up ore
Don’t give up brother
Cos very soon you go carry over load ooo

Them go ask you
ba wo,  bawo  lo se nse e
Mo ni  baba kan who makes things possible



Anything wey you want go show
Everything you’ve been hoping for
All of them go dey come your way
Everything go dey make sense ooo

Anything wey you want go show
All your blessings are coming twice
Anything wey you do Na Shine
Otisese o



Otisese ooo
Otisese ooo
Otisese fun wa  ooo
Otisese ooo


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