The Millionaire Coach By Ojukwu Jike Ojukwu

The Millionaire Coach is one of its kind audio messages on discovering and cracking your own secret code to money. Just as every individual on this planet has finger prints that are unique and personal to him or her, every individual’s money code is like no other. The challenge to everyone is to discover his or her secret money code, for until this is done he or she, at the very best can only make average achievements as far as money is concerned. No individual can discover this code for another, it is a do-it-yourself assignment. What I offer here is mostly an education, an inspiration, and a guide through the process of discovery.

This particular one hour message is the first of several series to come. It is geared to prod the listener to make a paradigm shift in his or her concept of money and encourage him through the necessary mind transforming journey that will lead to the discovery and cracking of his or her own money code.


Making money, for many, is almost a life and death struggle only because people are unaware of the existence of their unique money code. The right consciousness of this code will certainly transform their fields of struggle to fields of splendor. If we pause a moment to reflect wisely, we’ll see that nothing in this life is difficult in itself, it is only the learning and the mastery of the knowledge and skill in handling it that is difficult. Once this knowledge and skill is acquired, the illusion of difficulty in the thing is nullified. The same is equally true in money making; it is very simple to make, it is acquiring the knowledge and personal skills to make it that poses difficulties.

To a man who has no knowledge and skill in solving problems in Algebra, for instance, Algebra will look like an impossible subject for him to handle. But let him stretch and exercise his mind long enough in learning and mastering the subject, it can become a subject as easy as saying ABC… Did the subject of Algebra change, no; it is the man that changed his knowledge and skill regarding Algebra. The same is true of every subject (including money) under this old Sun. The major challenge people face concerning money is that only few people understand that money is a field of Knowledge and skill that calls for mastery. This is part of the secrets of money that The Millionaire Coach is unveiling.


Who is The Millionaire Coach?

Telling you my name and my achievements so far sound like gossip that only excites some inconsequential curiosities, by way of self introduction therefore, let me tell you a very short story:

As a little boy I was once sent by my mum to take our little dog –called ‘Government’- to a popular radio dog trainer so that the dog will be trained to hear and understand English.

I dutifully went as an obedient child, and the dog trainer made out a fantastic list of foods and other stuffs we had to get for the dog’s training. On my own initiative I added up the cost of the materials, excluding the tuition for the training, behold it was several times far above my school fees and feeding money as a student. I wondered to myself in amazement, ‘so some dogs are living and eating much more comfortably than some human beings?’ A holy anger came over me, ‘Why should any dog live better than me or any human being in this world?’


That was the question whose answer eventually, after almost passing through what felt like hell, led me to discover the secrets of money which I am out to share (via seminars, books, and audio messages) with people who care to possess it. The secrets are not new, but there has been a massive cover up on it. Some of those in the know still feel it should remain shielded from the masses, so that the masses will perpetually remain under the manipulation of the unscrupulous ones in the know. Some of them who are personally known to me are opposing these disclosures. But I believe that the secret is meant for all –men and women, white and black, young and old- who are ready for it. So long as there is a dog, just one dog –any where on this planet, living better than any human being any where, the secrets of money deserve to be shared. Almighty God has already designed it that people who are not yet ready for it will not receive it even if you shout from the roof tops; they’ll hear but they will not understand.

Finally, my names are Ojukwu Jike Ojukwu. I am the Millionaire Coach from Mindblowers Limited, ASPMDA, Trade-Fair complex, Lagos. It is my fervent prayer that heeding to my encouragement you will get to experience the Abundant Life that Christ came to show us the way. Thank you for caring to learn, and to practice and do.



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Thank You!

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